By Sameera Aziz

The election season in the United States, which concluded recently, saw a close-necked battle between two aggressive opponents, with two highly varied ideologies. The winner of the battle was declared as Donald Trump. This was a clear shock to many electoral calculations and expectations, which had clearly predicted that Hillary would be the winner of this battle. But it was not the case. Mr Trump was declared as the winner as he could secure 279 votes (the finishing line being 270), which was 47% of the overall electoral votes registered in the country. Though Hillary had the vote of 48% of the American people, she still fell short of 51 votes. It seems that there is a deviation in thought from the popular ideologies and aspirations by a large chunk of people in the USA, which resulted in the election of Trump as the victor. The King of Saudi Arabia, on behalf of his government and the people of the nation congratulated Trump, and wished him all the very best towards running a successful administration. The King also urged Trump to work hand in hand with other nations in order to maintain international peace and stability. The King was very particular in his conversation with trump about the continuation of healthy bilateral relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The Election Day will be remembered for yet another reason: the end of a marvellous journey for a well-loved and desired leader, who has given hope to many of the under-privileged, discouraged and downtrodden. Hillary was not just a ray of hope for the people of the United States, but also for many other nations that were looking up to the United States for the betterment of trade relations, reconciling diplomatic ties, and consolidating the current world peace and security. She was well recognized and branded as a true leader who would have propelled United States into the new world, while catering to the aspirations of all segments of the American people. We wish Hillary all the very best for her political endeavours, and hope that one day she will receive the support of a unified America, who would lay their trust and aspirations on her to lead America in the new World.