Social Science: Fandom Fact

By Sameera Aziz

Any famous person is called a public figure & celebrity. In this media age, respectable celebrities have their profile  on record with evidence of their achievements and  hard work . They are the personage of great public interest or familiarity.

Now the question is, which person is  your celebrity? For example, there are famous prostitutes existing in the world, and they are celebrity too. Many people deny  their fandom for them but, actually they keep all information about them. This proves them their fans or followers, whether they accept it or not. They might criticize them , but this  actually shows their  interest for them. It reflects their inner mindset which they do not  dare to reveal.  Otherwise, this is the human nature that when he does not care, he does not think about it as well.This is the 21st century  with free and easy excess to all kinds of correct or incorrect information. Explore yourself. Be honest to  accept all celebrities existing in  this world, but follow the positive things only in their personalities. Learn to  accept and appreciate others. Learn to admit that you  are impressed. Good people take inspiration. Bad  human being becomes  jealous.

fandom fact