Saudi Journalist To Become Bollywood Filmmaker | Hong Kong Herald

Hong Kong Herald (ANI) Monday 24th June, 2013

Media personality Sameera Aziz is all set to become the first female Saudi filmmaker in Bollywood with her new movie ‘Reem’.

According to Saudi news site Sabq, Aziz has developed the script of the movie, which is the story of a Saudi girl looking for her mother, who is an Indian woman, Gulf News reported.

Reem travels to Mumbai looking for her mother and meets an Indian young man, who helps with her search for her mother.

The two young people fell in love and they get married.

Aziz, 34, told the Saudi news site that the film includes several “exciting” events as well as humour, and it also sends a message to the international community that Saudis are peace-loving and tolerant people.

The semi-romantic entertaining film, which also tries to break the stereotype claiming Saudi men are cruel, will be shot in the Red Sea resort of Jeddah and in India. (ANI)

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