Sameera Aziz Signed A Deal With Almpda Media As A Project Partner


Dated January 9, 2016

Famous Saudi Media Personality and the owner of ‘Sameera Aziz Entertainment’ has signed a deal with ‘Almpda Media’ as a Project Partner. Both organizations are aiming to work together in future for some media ventures including the first Saudi movie in Bolywood ‘REEM The true story’ in which Sameera Aziz will explore the real Saudi Arabia and highlight the real life of Saudi women. Sameera Aziz has worked with Almpda Media in past related to many Media projects including the Saudi film Hayath as its Assistant Director. She is a Director/Writer/Producer of the first ever Inidian Bollywood movie ‘REEM The true story’ which will be dubbed in Arabic language as well and will be released worldwide. There are many Saudi Actors working in this film first time in the history of Bollywood.

“I have been working for three platforms for project ‘REEM the true story’ as a writer, director and producer. It will be overloaded with the responsibilities if I will look after the In-line production issues as well while doing shooting in Jeddah. So it is better for me to give this responsibility to a trustworthy soulder. I have work-experience with Fahad Alghamdi – the CEO of Almpda and I believe he can perform this responsibility well,” said Sameera Aziz.

Fahad Alghamdi said that every patriotic Saudi should be beside Sameera Aziz for her services to Saudi Media and she has been doing great job as a Saudi media personality for the true image of our country Saudi Arabia since decades. “Sameera Aziz is a real patriotic Saudi and we are proud of her. It will be a proud moment for Almpda Media to be linked with this high profile first Bollywood movie which has a great value because it is creating a history,” said Alghamdi. 

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