Sameera Aziz

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Sameera Aziz

Sameera Aziz

Sameera Aziz

Saudi female media personality

(Film, journalism, radio, writer, social worker, speaker, activist)


1)      Marhaba with SameeraAziz (show presenter)

Sameera Aziz is the Show Presenter for this weekly show in UK based Asian Radio Live which has more than 100,000 listener-ships worldwide. It is an entertainment based informative show basically with the task of improving the Saudi image in world. (

2)      Asian Information agency (President)

Sameera Aziz is the president of this international news agency. It distributes the news worldwide in English and Urdu. (

3) Sana Solkar Production

Sana Solkar Production is the first ‘Saudi Production House’ in Bollywood owned by Sameera Aziz in Mumbai with the partnership of Mr. Aslam Solkar (an Indian producer). The creative team of this production house is very experienced, qualified, hardworking and professional from Bollywood film industry. (

4)      Films (assistant director & production team member)

Sameera Aziz has done 2 Films as an assistant director, one Stage drama and one comedy TV serial as a production team member till date in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

a) Saudi comedy play ‘Halla Barra (6/9/2013)

Sameera Aziz was the production team member of this show and she assisted Dr. Fahad Ghazoli, a renowned Saudi director and actor. The stage drama addressed the social issues of Saudi Arabia.

b) Saudi film ‘LAMAR’ (5/12/2013)

Sameera Aziz was an assistant director and the production team member. This film was directed and produced by Dr. Fahad Ghazoli, a renowned Saudi director and actor. ‘Lamar’ is a story of a Saudi girl who wants to earn money and make her career. But she faced so many difficulties in her way. The movie addresses the Saudi woman issue. It was liked by masses and presented in many festivals.

c) Saudi comedy drama ‘Khamsa wa Alayeha’ (22/1/2014)

Sameera Aziz was a production team member.  This comedy drama is directed by Saudi director, producer and actor Dr. Fahad Ghazoli. It is based on women heredity issue.

d) Saudi Film ‘Azmath Hayath’ Dated: (10/3/2014)

Sameera Aziz was an assistant director and the production team member. It is a story of a Saudi girl who wanted to marry with a non-Saudi (foreigner) man, but she was forced to marry with a Saudi man due to the cultural and family pressure. ‘All are equal whether they are Saudi or non-Saudi’ is the moral of the film’s story.


Other activities and useful information about Sameera Aziz:

  • First Saudi female novelist of Urdu: ‘Rishtey Badal Bhi Jatey Hain’
  • Recognized as a first Saudi female Bollywood director and writer.
  •  Guest speaker of international and national forums regarding social, expatriate, animal and women’s issues.
  • Activist, campaigner and Social worker (works as a volunteer for human and women rights)
  • Fiction writer
  • Studied Film making from Hollywood’s British and American film makers like Ovidio Salazar, Omar Faruk Aksoy, Bensalem Bouadallah.


  •   15 years in Journalism: 

Thousands of columns and features of Sameera Aziz are written exclusively in English and Urdu and being translated into other languages. She focuses on Saudi domestic, social, cultural, educational and expatriate’s issues as well as Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the international community. She conducted undercover sting operations – the rare genre in Saudi journalism – and became the part of bold experiments in the new progressive Saudi Journalism.

  • Sameera Aziz has previously worked for SARIA News Agency as the Saudi Country Head.
  • Sameera Aziz has previously worked at daily English ‘Saudi Gazette’ newspaper (senior Int’l editor)
  • Sameera Aziz launched AWAZ Urdu newspaper, published under Saudi Gazette (managing editor)
  • Sameera Aziz has worked for Fresh magazine, published under Saudi Gazette (supervising editor)
  • Sameera Aziz has previously worked for Urdu News and Urdu Magazine (ladies section incharge/editor)
  • Sameera Aziz is a member of “ The Khalli Walli entertainment show” at Youtube with more than  3 million viewers worldwide.



Sameera Aziz has received many prestigious awards like the first female Urdu novelist in Saudi Arabia, Youth Ambassador, Humanity Award, Pride of the Nation award, Woman of today, Best Ind-o-Pak Friendship Icon award etc .


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Basic information:

  • Date of Birth: 24 June, 1979
  • Nationality: Saudi
  •  Marital status: married with 2 children
  • Education: Masters in International Relations, Post graduate in Journalism, Media and Film Making, MS/PH.D (pursuing)
  • Languages: Arabic, Urdu, English