When I entered into Journalism and Activism, I threw away my glass bangles. Fragility is not femininity. Let’s be the women of 21st century. (Sameera Aziz)
A gentleman is a person who gives the positive vibes to other women and knows to make her feel comfortable by calling and treating her like a sister. (Sameera Aziz)

A gentleman is a ‘strong’ person. When woman gets weak with disliked behaviour, he still stays firm with kindness and does not disgrace her. Be a gentleman and respect woman even in a nasty situation to respect your own manhood. (Sameera Aziz)
To those men who look down upon women as objects of their desire, change your attitude now and don’t look upon women from that point of view. You are taking breath in 21st century. Match your thoughts with the current era and its needs. Be progressive, cultured and respectable. (Sameera Aziz)
Respect yourself by respecting women. Its good for your own self-respect man! (Sameera Aziz)