By Sameera Aziz


Despite of the criticism that is making rounds in the media circles, there is a silver lining for the United States and the world if Hillary gets elected to the helm of affairs through the upcoming elections. Some of the striking advantages that Hillary possesses when compared to her opponents are:

  1.  Strong Political Experience: Hillary carries a lot of political experience in her bag, not just in matter of international reconciliation, mediation and maintaining strong ties with allies, but also in matters of strong national policy towards aggression and maintaining a swift foreign policy.
  2.  Strong Dynastic Advantage: Another major benefit that Hillary possesses is the political advantage that she carries along with her as a legacy from her family history, who is very active in the political history of the country. Throughout her career, she had continuously dealt with strong political figures. Apart from her husband Mr. Bill Clinton’s presidency, she has made use of all the opportunities that came along her way, due to which she could mold herself into a strong political leader in the years to come.
  3. Her Gender: Never in the history of the United States, has there been a female president. This is what makes her candidacy particularly interesting. Many political pundits across the world strongly agree that it is long overdue for a woman to take charge as the chief executive of the country. It is also argues in various political circles that her election as president would undoubtedly strengthen the country in terms of culture and integration. There is also a strong belief that a country that has had male hegemony for centuries together, is eagerly waiting for a change in terms of a female person to power them into the twenty first century.