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You can  ADVERTISE your business/organization/project/cause in MARHABA WITH SAMEERA AZIZ at ‘Asian Radio Live’, which is currently entertaining to 180,000 listeners worldwide. This listener-ship is increasing fast every month.

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Sponsorship Opportunities with Sheffield UK’s Asian Radio Live Show: MARHABA WITH SAMEERA AZIZ

Sheffield’s Asian Radio Live in England has been established to meet an identified need in the global community. Following the reduction in community programs offered by the BBC and other mainstream radio stations, a group of presenters have combined to establish Sheffield’s Asian Radio Live under the umbrella of Carousel Yorkshire Limited.

Sheffield’s Asian Radio Live commenced broadcasting online in July 2013 by providing a 24 hour service not only in Sheffield, but across the world. Becoming a Sponsor is a great way to advertise your business to the global community, especially among the Asians. With our reasonably priced packages, it won’t be long before your name is around not only in Europe and America, but across the world.

If you are interested for Ads in Marhaba with Sameera Aziz, you simply have to Email at  C/c to: . You will be provided with brief details of our audience and the benefits of advertising with Asian Radio Live’s Marhaba with Sameera Aziz.

There are a lot of great reasons to choose to advertise with Sheffield’s Asian Radio Live:

Firstly, we are the only online Asian radio station in South Yorkshire with a video stream and offer a unique way in which to communicate and advertise your products and services. There is also a huge market accessing Asian Radio Live – every month there are over 180,000 connections to our live stream and over 20,000 website hits. We are becoming a part of huge audience that’s growing every month.

‘Marhaba with Sameera Aziz is a successful weekly show with a huge listener-ship worldwide, specifically in Middle East Region. According to the marketing survey of Asian Radio Live, the main reason of the success of this show is the popularity of Sameera Aziz in the region, especially among South Asian communities like Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri-Lankan people. There are also many Arabic speaking listeners of this show, who are the fond of Bollywood music and familiar with some Urdu/Hindi language.

According to the survey, the other reasons of the success of this show are: the unique and natural style of Sameera Aziz as a show presenter, the information she shares and the theme of this one hour show.

 About Asian Radio Live:

Sheffield Asian Radio Live brings you the hottest music and documentaries from the renown and undiscovered artists.  Listen from 7 am until midnight to our live hosts, and hear our music streaming 24 hours a day. It’s your music and your station!

Why internet Radio?

Internet radio holds a clear sponsorship advantage. Listeners are only one click away from your website!  Our audience is online and has browser windows open, driving traffic directly to your site.  Our web radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers.  Their above average levels of purchase intentions make them an ideal demographic for any organization. Beside directly from the website, listeners can also listen to Asian Radio Live through smart phone APPS and other radio APPS like Tunein Radio.

Why advertise with Asian Radio Live? 

Sheffield’s Asian Radio Live offers sponsors complete control over the type of Ad that is used, as well as a creative oversight of on-air Ads.  We can work with you to produce a unique Ad or you can use one that your company has already created.   You’ll have name and logo recognition at live events and remotes to help you gain publicity and grow your brand.

Your message will be able to reach around currently 180,000 different households per month across the world in addition to the thousands on our email database.

Benefits of advertising with us!

There are no long term contracts, allowing you the flexibility to change your content and release timely messages. We will work with you to develop a plan that fits within your monthly budget.

Ustream-The HD streaming video platform:

Our services are also available on the popular streaming site “Ustream”. Here, your adverts can reach an ever wider audience and can be discovered by other users on the Ustream platform. Our Ustream has a collective audience of over 100,000 hits, which is growing rapidly. We can also include Video advertisements for an agreed cost.


 We will put your adverts on our dedicated Facebook page with over 300K members. This exponentially increases the amount of people seeing your adverts and allow for easy user sharing of your content.