Usman Shahid – (International Coordinator)

The story of my life says that it does not matter how old are you but, a factor that makes you feel someone special, is the kind of work which you have done in your life. Now, here is my 24 years old ex-Journalism student Usman Shahid who makes me feel a proud mentor. I still remember him as a 16-Yrs old boy who came to me to join Journalism. I did some great sting operations with him. He started flying because of his hard work. He started social work along with his research and Journalism activity. Today I am his proud mom & mentor.

Usman Shahid has been paying me tribute since many years through different national and international platforms, just because I am among his first journalism mentor. He makes me feel proud. In these times – when students rarely respect their mentors – a person like Usman Shahid is a role model.

How many of us remember those people who have taught us something in life? Unfortunately, most of the people among us are thankless…. Actions speak louder than words. Though we often have nice words to say about teachers, what we do is more important, and our actions thus far do not indicate that we respect, value, or support our mentors as much as we claim.

He is an international award winner social worker and journalist. He was invited by European government to speak in a diplomatic event where Presidents of different Countries, Ministers, Senators, UN officials & High Profile People from International Organizations were present with all expenses paid by the european government. He was also nominated as an accredited Focal Person for European Commission.

I am really proud of you Usman…. Thank you for always making me feel proud. I never knew that I am nurturing such a wonderful boy. You will win every race in life… because u respect your mentors. Keep it up, I m proud of u !

Here is usman shahid’s personal page link: