PR manager (Pakistan)

Samar Mehdi – (PR manager- Pakistan)

Samar Mehdi is a well-known and reputed personality of Pakistan. He is recognized for his intellect, hard work and humanity-loving nature. He always believes in exploring new skies. Thus, his exploratory and courageous nature formed many interesting shades in his personality.

Besides being a recognized media person – a free-lance Journalist and the team member in media production commercial business – he is also a writer, an educationalist, a politician and a social worker.

In media production, he has been working in the field of communication, entertainment and information that reaches a wide range of people.  He has been working as Manager Control for “Famous Time Production” which produces Drama, Sitcom and Telefilms for different channels in Pakistan.

He had been arranging free coaching classes and counseling sessions for needy and deserving students. He used to organized events in different educational institutions in order to assists students to polish their extra-curricular skills. He has been working in the field of education and health. He is the president of an NGO named Mehran Social Welfare Society (Rgd). His NGO has been distributing food stuff, sewing machines, course books and bicycles among deserving people on different occasions. He has been organizing different events on above mentioned fields; publish print materials and running awareness campaigns.

His efforts for developing a better society is always got appreciations from his society, and that’s why one of biggest political party of Pakistan designated him as a Central information Secretary and Provincial President of its Human Rights and Justice Wing. He is the youngest portfolio holder of his party at central level. He is the one who introduced SMS as a tool to improve internal and external communication between his party workers and common people during election in 2008. He is also the founder of Youth Study Center in his party to educate his party workers regarding political and social issues. It is also at his credit that some 15 innocent Pakistani fishermen got freedom from the prison of Malaysia and they returned to home safely by his efforts. He also delivers lectures to young activists on various social and political issues.

In a nutshell, he always believes in struggle and hard work. He occupies a strong position in the society because of the positive colors of his attitude towards life. His experiences, sources and similar interests entitled him to oversee different aspects of professional activities of Saudi media personality Sameera Aziz.

For PR of Sameera Aziz especially in Pakistan & also worldwide, Mr. Samar Mehdi can be contacted at:

Call: 0092-332 224 6561

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