Sameera Aziz

Clap for President Obama for his sensible decision of vetoing the ‘9/11 Saudi Bill

Sameera Aziz

Sameera Aziz

Sameera Aziz – Saudi Media

Allowing the 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia would result in a diplomatic nightmare for the US itself. This law would totally upset international laws of diplomacy. In fact, it could give the rest of the world an excuse to sue the US for anything they may disagree with it about.

For those Americans who do not have that common sense: You think the 9-11 attacks were Saudi funded. Do you have concrete proof? This was the most ridiculous Bill I’ve ever seen! Why would you sue the entire government for the actions of a few crazy terrorists?

This opens the door for every US Company, diplomat and soldier to be sued by anyone who claims they were harmed by a US action….and that would be everyone who lives in Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. And tell me, how much your government would pay to Mexican and Puerto Rico citizens because an American terrorist killed their loved ones in Orlando?

Then taxes would go way up, and it would be coming out of your pocket. How do you people feel about paying your hard-earned dollars when other countries sue your country for damages done in their countries? That is what this bill will do if passed. Right now, your president has protected you from other countries suing you.

Although, it was an unprecedented loss, but the families of the victims of 9/11 were generously compensated by the 3 billion-dollar fund. I have great empathy for them but no need to open the Pandora Box of garbage.

Use your head, sustain the veto!