Account Suspended
Your account is terminated because of unpaid invoices.
For inquiries, Call or Whatsapp (09:00-17:30): +1 (315) 375-2210

Official Statement

We received several inquiries & messages regarding this account suspension. The account owner Ms. Sameera Aziz sent us messages & told us that she paid for this account, it is supposed to be life time. Our staff confirmed her that the account needs to be paid yearly, we only received payment for one year. There is a due payment of 285 EUR. The renewal of the account is due since 2016 & we never received any payment. We had no choice other than to suspend the account. The customer never responded to our emails & notices for payment sent by email.

Later we received messages by the customer for one of our ex-shareholder Mr. Usman Shahid. Blaming him for fraud & misuse, she claimed that full payment was made to Mr. Usman Shahid. We investigated & found that only one year fee was paid to him. We would like to inform that Mr. Usman Shahid worked with us for 8 years, he was dealing directly with 50+ customers who are very well known worldwide. The customers paid him directly & our finance department always received the complete payment. We never had any financial issues with Mr. Usman Shahid nor he delayed any of customer payment during 8 years. Many of his customers in our company still recommend paying him directly & our finance department received the payments without any delay.

We request the individuals who sent us inquiries by email / whatsapp related to this account that we do not entertain blame, allegation, threats & messages related to personal life of a perosn.