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Sameera Aziz organised Abeer Guinness World Record | IISJ achievers
PrincessAbeer Guinness World Record for world’s largest mosaic picture

Sameera Aziz is a famous Saudi media personality. Titled as “The Great Woman” by achieving Gr8 Woman Award and “Princess” by the royal family of Philippines, she is a highleducatey d Saudi woman from Media background.

She is well known for her intellect, professional competence and integrity. She is the Chairperson of Sameera Aziz Group of Companies (SAG). She is a Social Media Influencer, Journalist, Filmmaker, Writer, Speaker, Poetess, TV & Radio Presenter, Social & Political Analyst, Activist, Theater Artist & Campaigner, Brand Endorser, MC & Moderator, the Tigers team owner, honorary titled as Princess of Sultanate of Buayan-Philippines, Ambassador of Women & Children by SPMUDA Int’l Organization for Peace, Unity & Development (Affiliated to UNO,EC,OIC),and a Businesswoman

Her Business group is comprised of AgencyFilmseconomical stores brand Khogsf
Events,Foods, Import & Export. She has been participating in Int’l Media Conferences and Social Forums,and has been doing considerable efforts to promote the soft and positive image of Saudi Arabia by utilizing her language and media skills. She also hosts and covers international events & documentaries; such as Hajj for Saudi TV 2. She is also elected by 83 countries as the Director of United Nations accredited – Global Sports Federation (GSF)

She is also notable as a Radio Presenter of her weekly show Marhaba with Sameera Aziz’ in Asian Radio Live which is based in the United Kingdom. She formerly worked at Saudi Research and Marketing group and Okaz (Saudi Gazette) in senior editorial posts before taking charge as the presidentof Asian Information Agency (AIA), a Worldwide News Service. She is currently active as the chief editor and contributor writer for Business related Magazines and a Saudi newspaper AlBilad English Daily.

She basically took initiative of her business group for cultural exchange as a bridge between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world. She wants to heighten salience of her previous media related positive goals and to maintain her consistent vision, and to utilize her transnational skills in Saudi market as a part of
21st century’s global village. As a media person, she is member of Saudi Arabian Society for Culture & Arts which is supervised by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information.

She is also an owner of the production house ‘Sameera Aziz Entertainment’ in Bollywood, the first ever Saudi production house in India with a head quarter in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has been involved in film making in Saudi Arabia on women issues as an Assistant Director and Production Team Member. She learnt and studied film making from the directors of Hollywood and Bollywood. She won kudos in theater as a bright and talented student of Ideal Drama and Entertainment Academy (IDEA) and Live Wires Film-making Institute in India.  She is directing & producing couple of upcoming Bollywood movies. She is recognized as a first Saudi director, writer, producer and theater artist in Bollywood industry. She is also a first Saudi documentary host in Pakistan.

Sameera Aziz is also recognized as the first Saudi novelist of Urdu language in Saudi Arabia. Her poetry Book was launched on February 5, 2016 with a prestigious State Award and huge crowd of among 25,000 poetry lovers, politicians and show biz personalities in Mumbai, India. This event was the biggest book launch in the history of Maharashtra State of India.

Sameera Aziz is active in humanitarian work. She has written thousands of articles and fictions in political, social and woman issues. She is a speaker regarding international, social, expatriate, animal, and women’s issues. She aims to give positive message through her media activities and to bridge the gap between the Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

She is lauded for her campaign #SupportSmile to promote the culture of smiles. She is married to Zahir Eskander and have two grown up children, Reem Eskander and Ahmed Eskander. She is a Saudi national and based in Jeddah. She was born in Al-Khober, Saudi Arabia.

Sameera Aziz has won many awards like The Woman Of Today, Humanity Award, Pride Of The Nation, First Urdu Novelist, Youth Ambassador, Best Ind-o-Pak Friendship Icon Award, Art & Literature Award, Salaam India Award, the first ever award to Saudi woman in India ‘Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Award’, Gulf Urdu Council Award, the ‘GR8! Woman Award- Great Cultural Icon of Middle East etc. More global awards are scheduled to be in her career-plate soon.

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